Administration Benefits

Vasc-Alert is an investment – in your patients, your operation and your bottom line. The value it generates in improved patient satisfaction and enhanced care is not easily quantified but is an invaluable benefit. Clearly, patient outcomes and care are of the utmost priority. However, Vasc-Alert rewards users by also boosting financial performance and directly benefiting the bottom line.

Vasc-Alert accurately identifies dialysis patients with possible stenosis early on, before costly complications due to thrombosis can occur. With proper and consistent use of the system, a reduction in excessive missed treatments and extra costs of catheter use may be realized.  Click here for cost benefits. It also may improve operations and requires less staff time and resources to manage complications. Over time, studies show these cost savings can more than pay for the Vasc-Alert surveillance system. It’s a win-win investment in your patients and your organization.

Clearly, better information leads to improved outcomes, which supports a healthy financial operation. To read more on how Vasc-Alert can improve financial performance, click here.