Patient Benefits

Patients know that their vascular access is their lifeline and that preserving the AV access sites is very important. Therefore, patients who undergo dialysis at a center using Vasc-Alert benefit from the peace of mind and quick attention that active surveillance provides. The earlier stenosis is detected and treated, the more successful the intervention and fewer dialysis-related complications. As a result, dialysis with Vasc-Alert surveillance may lead to improved patient outcomes and better quality of life.

Your patients can see improved dialysis adequacy and efficiency with fewer thrombotic events and thrombectomies. Patients will miss fewer hemodialysis treatments as the result of fewer clotting incidences. They may also experience fewer and shorter hospital stays allowing them to schedule elective procedures proactively.

Your patients will appreciate that Vasc-Alert is non-invasive and requires no additional procedures or process. Patients experience no disruption or inconvenience and there is no increase in treatment time or risk.