Published Studies and Podcasts


DrKumbarThese podcasts were created by a physician for a physician.

Author: Dr. Lalathaksha Kumbar, Section Head, Interventional Nephrology, Division of Nephrology, Henry Ford Hospital

Published Studies and Posters

The original paper published in AJKD describing the technology and the initial findings (Henry Ford Health Systems)
Dynamic Venous Access Pressure Ratio Test for Hemodialysis Access Monitoring
Study examining reduction of thrombosis over time using Vasc-Alert (Henry Ford Health Systems)
Vascular Access Surveillance Reduces Vascular Access Thrombosis Rates
Study comparing the sensitivity of Vasc-Alert compared to Transonic (Purdue University)

Study examining whether Vasc-Alert is predictive of stenosis (University of Chicago)
Vasc-Alert is an Effective Tool to Predict Venous Stenosis
Study looking at the efficacy of Vasc-Alert from the perspective of an interventionalist (Lifeline Vascular Access)

An analysis of the hidden costs related to vascular access complications (Vasc-Alert)

An examination of the impact of good access care on the extension of the life of an arteriovenous access (NY Hospital Queens)
A new Method for Vascular Access Life Table Analysis