Overview: Using Vasc-Alert

Vasc-Alert is unique in that it uses continually recorded data from your center’s EMR for every treatment session to calculate the actual pressure in the access. The patient data is automatically tracked and analyzed by the system. If the pressure exceeds a preset threshold for three consecutive treatments, an alert is sent to the center indicating the patient should be examined for possible stenosis.

One advantage to using Vasc-Alert is that the surveillance system does not require staff to spend time testing the access, nor is your patient’s dialysis session altered while this testing is being performed. The treatment data being recorded in your medical record serves as the raw test input data. No additional data collection steps are required by the patient or care staff.

New reports are available for your staff every week, alerting them to potential access problems.  Actionable information is presented to your staff to help them evaluate and care for your patients, allowing them to be referred to a vascular specialist for preventative care in a timely manner.