Weekly Vasc-Alert Reports

When you use Vasc-Alert for access surveillance, five reports are available to you on a weekly basis. The same information is also available online through the client web portal. Vasc-Alert’s clinical team will provide training and support to ensure each user understands each report and knows how to act on the information for best outcomes.

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Patients on Alert

Patient Detail Reports: Patients on Alert

This set of reports covers patients who have been issued a venous (VAPR) or arterial (AAPR) alert within the previous 30 days. Each patient’s report shows individual trends in VAPR, AAPR, blood flow rate, venous pressure and negative arterial pressure in tabular and graphic form. The reported values represent the session average. The Patient Detail reports make it easy to identify patients with increasing trends or consistently elevated VAPR or AAPR values by following the trend line, so early referrals can be made.

Patient Detail Reports: All Patients not on Alert

The same comprehensive information is shown for patients who have not had an alert in the previous 30 days. Even though a patient has not had a recent alert, the clinical staff should review report information for all patients periodically.

VAPR Alert List


Weekly VAPR Alert List

Weekly VAPR Alert List shows the patients who have been issued at least one Vascular Access Pressure Ratio (VAPR) alert within the time frame defined at the top of the report. A patient appears on the alert list when he/she has had three consecutive treatments with VAPR results above the defined threshold. The threshold is 0.55 for both fistula patients and graft patients.

Patients highlighted in yellow have had alerts since the last reports were issued. The report also shows the date of the two most recent alerts and the number of alerts within the past 90 days. The number of alerts within the past 30 days is shown in red to the left of the name.

If an alert has been issued, a clinician should determine the cause of the elevated pressure reading, rule out any correctable cause of pressure elevation, and then refer the patient for intervention if necessary.

AAPR Alert List

This weekly report is similar to the VAPR alert list but shows patients who had AAPR (Arterial Access Performance Ratio) alerts. The AAPR threshold is 0.65 for fistula patients and 0.60 for graft patients.

Access Report


Access Report

This weekly report lists the accesses for every patient we have received data on within the defined one month time frame located at the top of the report. The data reflects information sent to us from your electronic medical record (EMR). If changes to the access type or gauge are noted in the electronic record, they are summarized on this report. The report allows you to review each patient to find those with incomplete or missing access data so you can update the information in your EMR. This ensures Vasc-Alert is receiving the most up-to-date information about patient accesses, and it can assist you in improving the accuracy of your medical records.